Dryer Vent Cleanliness

 B.88 Dryer Vent Cleanliness

So it turns out not all bunnies are cute and cuddly! That monstrous lint bunny clogging your dryer vent can be very dangerous. This unruly bunny thumps homeowners all over with hefty repair bills annually and can even cause serious safety issues. Giving this pesky bunny the boot isn’t a need for aesthetics alone—it’s an issue of fire safety as well!

Although you may think you’re avoiding the problem by cleaning your lint trap regularly, you may be surprised to discover only about 25% of lint from your clothes is caught inside the dryer. The rest of the vent escapes the dryer drum and makes its way into the vent. Even though this lent may be out of sight out of mind there is a way to remove the panel of your dryer and/or exhaust tubing leading to outside access which can definitely help clean those hidden areas. Leaving these areas untouched creates fire risk, forces your dryer to work harder while shortening its lifespan and could end up raising your energy bills.

If you’ve never had your dryer vent cleaned or you can’t remember the last time it was, chances are you have a fluffle of these dust bunnies crowding your venting system.  Fortunately, dryer vent cleaning services are relatively inexpensive and can be completed by a professional in a short time frame all while leaving no mess behind!

Ready to kick those pesky bunnies to the curb? At BELOMAN we’ll help tackle and rid that monstrous bunny taking up shop in your dryer vent. With help from BELOMAN you can: increase ventilation, ensure fire safety, reduce drying times, lower energy use and protect the lifespan of your appliance!

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