Easy Solutions for Winter Air Quality Relief

When it comes to the air quality in your home, the winter months can really cause trouble. For your heating system to work at its best, you seal your home as tight as you can. Windows and doors remain shut to the elements. Gaps are filled, and drafts are blocked. While this may be good for your heating bill, it keeps fresh air from getting inside. Air becomes stagnant, and dust, allergens, and irritants increase.

Let In Some Fresh Air

During the warmest part of the day, crack open a few windows to let fresh air flow inside. You can lessen the impact on your heating system by opening windows in an area where the sun is shining. The natural warmth will not only keep your furnace from kicking on but enjoying the sunlight will also improve your mood.

Minimize Dust

Dust and dirt particles settle onto the floor and other surfaces in your home. In the winter, it’s especially important that you do what you can to remove it. Invite people to leave their shoes on the porch or on a mat just as they enter. Do some extra dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming. If you have a dog, give it a quick brush when you’re outside for a walk. The more irritants you keep out, the less you must deal with indoors.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

While you can remove much of the dust in the places you can see, it’s much harder to eliminate it in places you can’t. Dust builds up in the ducts of your heating system, where it’s then blown around the house. You may want to contact an air quality professional to clean the ducts in your home. This service can help everyone in your house breathe a little easier.

BELOMAN has years of experience in addressing the heating, cooling, and air quality issues of homes in Belleville. We have the knowledge to give your air ducts a professional cleaning and improve your winter air quality. Give us a call today, and let BELOMAN give you a hand this winter.