Gas vs. Electric: A Heating Throwdown!

It’s the battle of the century! Electric or Gas that is the question! As we all know, furnaces are designed to provide comfort to your home for an extended time. While the life of a furnace is significant, there always comes a time when it’s out with the old and in with the new! When it comes time to replace your furnace it’s important to know the pros and cons when making the decision for electric vs. gas:

Pros: (1) There’s no need for the use of natural gas; (2) Electric furnaces are capable of being all that  you need to control the temperature of your home year round; (3) The initial investment will be lower for an electric unit; (4) They are quiet and durable; (5) The installation process is faster.
Cons: (1) Although the initial cost is less, the cost to operate an electric furnace can be higher than a gas system.

Pros: (1) It’s less expensive to operate than an electric unit; (2) Gas units heat the home faster than electric units.
Cons: (1) The lifespan is half the life of an electric unit; (2) These units are not as quiet and durable  as electric units; (3) Homeowners must always ensure the furnace is well-maintained to watch carbon monoxide levels.

Both electric and gas furnaces offer a variety of benefits depending on the desires of your family’s home.  To compare different furnace technologies contact a qualified and trusted HVAC company to further discuss your options!