Everyday Things That Decrease Your AC Efficiency

Your air conditioning system is a major part of your annual energy bills. It consumes over 10% of your annual energy use and up to 70% during the summer. If you’re looking for ways to save money, here are the main things that decrease the energy-efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Open Doors and Windows

If you have open doors and windows when running your air conditioning system, you’re cooling air that is escaping outside. This is a serious inefficiency that will drive your energy bills up. If you need to air out a room or leave an exterior door open for a long time, turn off your air conditioning system until you can close them.

Unblock and Clean Vents

You need to keep your vents free of debris, or else the efficiency of your air conditioning system will be reduced. You should always keep vents open and vacuum them on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris can clog them. You can also consider having your ducts professionally cleaned.

The vents need to be open so there’s steady airflow through your heating and cooling system. You should make sure no vent is blocked by furniture, rugs, blinds, toys, or other objects. If you have to rearrange furniture to do so, it’s time and effort well spent.

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Change the Air Filter

A dirty air filter dramatically reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. A clean air filter provides maximum airflow, which leads to maximum energy-efficiency. A dirty air filter makes your air conditioner unit work harder than it needs to, which drives up your energy bills.

Insulate Exposed Ductwork

There’s exposed ductwork in either your home’s crawlspace or attic. If it isn’t insulated, it will leak conditioned air so it never reaches your home’s interior. Any gaps or holes should be repaired, and then the ductwork wrapped with professional-grade material.

Avoid Using the Oven or Dryer

When in use, your oven and dryer heat up the room they’re in. This is counterproductive when you’re operating your air conditioner to cool your home. If it’s hot out, choose instead to use your microwave oven, outdoor grill, or have meals that don’t need to be cooked.

Keep Your Air Conditioning System Well-Maintained

Neglected air conditioning systems gradually lose their efficiency. Dirt and dust build-up on the condenser coils, for instance, reduces their ability to remove heat from air before returning it to your home.

You should have a professional technician perform a tune-up on your air conditioning system every year during the spring. They’ll clean critical parts and make sure everything is operating as efficiently as possible.

Cover Windows

Exposed windows let in sunlight, which can dramatically increase the temperature in your home. You can do your air conditioning system a favor by covering windows, especially those that face the afternoon sun. This makes your air conditioning unit operate more efficiently as it’s not fighting against unnecessary heat in your home.

It’s a good practice to pull the curtains and close blinds before you leave your house for the day. You can open them after you get home to let the late-afternoon sun into your home.

Shade Your Outside Condenser

Your air conditioning system’s condenser unit may be exposed to the sun. If this is the case, provide it with shade such as by planting bushes. The condenser has to work much harder if it’s fighting against the heat of the sun.

Turn Up the Temperature on Your Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat by just a few degrees during the summer can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. You can buy a programmable or a smart thermostat to make this easy to do.

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