Fan ON, Fan OFF. The tale behind the elusive switch.

How often do you use the fan on your thermostat? Most people, myself included before I started working in the HVAC industry, don’t really know why this feature is separate on your unit. We’re going to cover some basics on its purpose and how it affects your families comfort.

The purpose of the fan is to continually keep air in your home circulating. It is automatically kicked on if the temperature in your house exceeds or drops below the current temperature that you have set. The fan will only turn on in these situations if you have it set to ‘AUTO.’ When you leave it set at the ‘ON’ position it will no longer cut off after your home temperature falls into your set range.

Is there a reason you would want to run your fan all day? Yes, many homes suffer from areas that never reach the desired temperature range. We all have the one cold bedroom right? Leaving the fan ‘ON’ will help to circulate the air and bring these areas into a more comfortable zone. Be aware that running the fan continuously will increase your utility bill. If you have a variable speed blower, it will increase it, but not by as much.

On the downside, in addition to higher bills, is that humidity control is not as easily attained. Because of the way the air conditioners cycle, your home can see a significant increase in the humidity levels. With increased humidity comes a less than desirable family environment as well as the potential for mold and bacteria growth.

Maintaining a comfortable home environment is key to a happy family. If you have questions or feel that your current home HVAC system is not up to par, let the Beloman do the work. You can find us on Facebook & Twitter.