Fighting A/C Smells

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Does your A/C turn on and instead of first feeling it you smell it? If you are experiencing stinky side effects when using your cooling we’re here to give you some information to bring you to the bottom of it!  We’ll go over the causes of A/C smells and what you can do to bring them to a halt.

Causes:  Common causes for a stinky A/C may include:
1. Mold & mildew coming from somewhere in your system
2. Your home sitting idle for quite some time with the A/C turned off may leave a musty smell when the A/C is turned on
3. You’ve allowed your filter to come overly clogged with debris
4. It’s being carried through your ducts from a certain stinky location somewhere else in the home

Solutions: Where there’s a will there’s a way!
1. Change your habits: turning exhaust fans on when cooking/showering, use natural cleaners, vacuum & clean surfaces more frequently
2. Change your filter on a regular basis
3. Schedule a system cleaning to ensure all of the gunk and filth is removed from your unit
4. Install an whole home air purifier

No one wants to come inside from a hot and humid day to a stinky home!  If you’re experiencing alarming smells when your A/C is on there are a few areas to look into.  If you still are having a difficult time determining where these pesky smells are coming from contact your Metro East Super Hero today! “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call The BELOMAN!” (618) BEL-OMAN

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