Geothermal units to the rescue?

What better day to talk about going green than Earth Day 2013. Most business (ours included) have given followers lists of creative ways to help change daily life to live a more sustainable eco friendly life. Since the HVAC system in your home one of the most continually run systems, we should look there. 

HVAC technology has come light years from where we were even ten years ago. You can now control your thermostat from your phone or have it set to change everyday depending on your schedule. While the mandatory change to 90% A.F.U.E. (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is being debated in court due to a surplus in stock and the required fiscal expenses it adds to install. 

Dating back to the 1400’s people had built a central boiler to which they attached ducts to warm the rest of the house, pending you had the money to buy/ make a boiler. The elite would also have a steam room running off this boiler as well. It was a class system that left only the rich the financial ability to afford such a system. 

In the 1900’s a company called Buffalo Force created the first fan coil dehumidifying system. They then created the first spray type air conditioner. From there many innovations were done to make these existing systems more efficient while seeking new ways to make your home a more comfortable space. 

Geothermal is a hot topic right now. It costs a bit more to install but the lifetime savings from the unit will cover these expenses. This type of unit will save you on average anywhere between 25% to 70%. These systems can even be used for heating floors, pool heating, and ice melting.

If you want the biggest and the best system on the market, do some research into the Direct Expansion Geothermal System. It is said to be the easiest to maintain and install, but make sure there is a cover on your copper. Acidic soil can over time  erode the pipes. 

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