Gift Ideas to Keep Your Cool Dad Cool

B.102 Fathers Day Cool Dad

Is your Dad like most males and is always complaining that he’s hot?  In this case, the real gift he’ll want is a cool house and a smoothly running air conditioner.  The perfect gift for Dad is a gift that will help him stay cool all summer long!  Here’s a list of Father’s Day gift ideas to make your Dad cooler than cool:

Smart Thermostat: With a smart thermostat, Dad can connect from anywhere he is able to connect to Wi-Fi using a smart device and connect to the thermostat.  This will help Dad to be comfortable when he gets back home from a work trip or a long day at the office.  There are even some that can learn his behavior of setting the thermostat to automatically maximize efficiency.
Tree for the Yard: Does your Dad like spending time in the yard but always complains about too much sun?  A shade tree could do the trick!  You could also strategically plant the tree so that less sun enters the windows allowing less heat into the home and allowing the AC unit to not work as hard.
Bladeless Fan: Is your dad a big fan guy?  If so, a bladeless fan could be the perfect gift option for him.  These sleek modern fans provide all of the air of a traditional fan without all of the loud noise and a more polished look.  This can definitely be a temporary fix to a larger cooling problem for the time being.
Cooling Neck Wrap: Wanting something your Dad can use to cool down while on the go?  With a cooling neck tie Dad can keep it around his neck to help relieve some of the heat.
AC Maintenance: Is your Dad a forgetful guy?  If so, a voucher for an AC maintenance call from your locally owned and trusted HVAC company is the perfect gift to keep him safe and cool!

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