Go Green by Saving Energy

Air conditioning season is upon us and  we have all heard the horror stories of people being charged hundreds per month to keep cool. There are ways to reduce your utility costs while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Incorporate these ideas and see what you can save. We would love to hear any stories you have.

Unplug all electronics that are not in use. ‘Vampire Power’ occurs when devices continue to use electricity even while powered off or are in hibernation mode. Microwaves, DVD Players, and laptop chargers are all offenders. If you take an inventory of all your outlets, you would be surprised to find how many things suck electricity as they are dormant.

Utilize nature to it’s fullest extent. Plant  large shade trees near windows that will block warm rays from beaming on your house all day. Similarly, keep your blinds closed during the daytime hours. This will reduce the amount of heat that builds in your home and will require less energy to bring it down to a comfortable temperature.

-Make sure your filters are clean. Dirty filters are a large reason that HVAC units become troublesome money pits. They require regular maintenance just like your vehicle requires oil changes. You can put it off, but it doesn’t pay in the long run. Have a routine inspection done every season to avoid the dreaded 1am furnace repair bills.

-Use a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to leave the house warmer while you are at work and then begin cooling in time for you to arrive at a comfortable temperature. If you have wireless internet capabilities and a smartphone, you can purchase a system that you can control via smartphone. No more worrying about accidentally leaving the heat on as you rush out the door.

Check out our Google + community for insider information on home utilities and HVAC related information. We know that high utility bills aren’t fun for anyone. We try our best to help keep our customers informed on ways that they can save money while maintaining a comfortable living environment.

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