Hard Water vs. Soft Water

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The terms hard water and soft water are easily thrown around—but what does it really mean? What are the differences? Which should I have in my home? If you’re looking for the answers to any of these questions you’ve come to the right place.   We’ll go over what each type of water is and the benefits of each.

Hard Water:

Hard water is any water containing a considerable amount of dissolved minerals. These minerals include magnesium and calcium. Water is considered “hard” when it goes through deposits of limestone and chalk carbonates. Hard water has a more harsh reputation. Those who were born and raised on hard water may have grown accustom to the way their clothes, bedding, and other washable items may feel. Because of the additional minerals these items may have a more rough texture. While many may still stick by hard water there are actually many other pros and cons to consider. One upside to hard water according to the Drinking Water Inspectorate is the claim that there is less heart disease for males in hard water areas than in soft water areas. All in all, if hard water is something you are considering, proper research should be done in advance to ensure you’ve weighed both options.

 Soft Water:

Soft water is treated water in which only positively charged sodium ions (cations) are present. Soft water is typically not ideal for drinking since it is said to have a rather salty taste; however, soft water has been known to have other benefits such as preventing household plumbing damage. Soft water is less harsh for your plumbing because it does not contain the minerals that hard water contains. Minerals in hard water are known to produce plumbing buildup which can cause several issues. Another pro of soft water is that it is more effective when combined with soap since the ions react more effectively than with hard water. Soft water also results in less spotting, streaking, or film residue after dish washing. As with your hard water research, you should also conduct research on soft water to bring you to a conclusion you feel absolutely confident about!

Hopefully the information we provided here will give you more insight on the matchup between hard and soft water! For more information regarding any plumbing needs give us a call at (618) 509-9995 or visit our website here!