Heads Up! It’s Fall Tune-Up Time!


Now that cooler Fall weather is approaching it’s time to start scheduling your furnace tune-up service. Although some may think tune-ups are not important, we’re here to tell you that they ARE! As with regular doctor or dentist checkups, it’s also equally as important to schedule routine maintenance on your furnace. Fall tune-ups can help ensure safety, avoid costly emergency repairs, extend the life of your furnace, and allow you to gain peace of mind.


One reason it’s important to schedule your fall tune-up is to ensure the safety of your family. Because furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, it’s important to ensure there are no issues that could affect the health of your family. To certify this, furnaces must be checked to guarantee that even the smallest of leaks is not present. Even a small problem can lead to gas leaking into your home increasing carbon monoxide to dangerous levels.


As with the maintenance of your health, it’s also important to maintain the “health” of your furnace. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are great ways to prevent problems and tackle any issue before it turns into a much larger problem. Tune-ups were created to do just that! A professional will take the time to prepare your system for cooler weather BEFORE it’s too late.


Aside from ensuring your safety and avoiding costly emergency repairs, tune-ups also help extend the life of your furnace. For example, if your system is under a manufacturer’s warranty it is particularly important for you to get an annual fall tune-up. In most cases, manufacturers require regular maintenance to be performed in order to avoid rejected warranty. Tune-ups can also help extend the life of your furnace by keeping up with recent changes and preventative maintenance trends.


As a grand gesture, scheduling your fall tune-up allows you to gain peace of mind. Your peace of mind will be validated when your safety is ensured, you avoid costly emergency repairs, and the life of your furnace is extended. It’s important to schedule this kind of service now rather than trying to schedule an emergency repair when the temperatures have drastically dropped.

After reading these very important reasons to schedule your Fall tune-up, we hope you feel confident enough to see the prominence of the matter!  It’s crucial to schedule maintenance now, rather than dealing with any issues later.