Help! I Need a Plumber!

B.116 Leak Detection

Have you been referred by your water company to contact a plumbing company to have a leak detection performed?  If you have, it’s definitely a good indicator that an issue is present and a trusted licensed plumber should check it out!  To better ease your mind we’ve presented a list of four situations in which a leak detection should be performed!

  1. Puddles!: if you’re suddenly seeing random puddles in strange places with unexplainable reasons it’s usually a good indicator that a leak detection should be performed.
  2. How soggy? Real soggy?: are you seeing more soggy patches in your yard or areas that are growing faster than the others? Soggy yard patches can also indicate a leak in the plumbing lines.
  3. Do you hear that?: are you hearing sounds of running water when you know there aren’t any faucets or appliances in use? This is also a good indicator for a leak inspection.
  4. Money money money MONEY: if you’re seeing a sudden increase in your water bill with no reason insight it’s probably a good indicator of a hidden leak. Often times if you call your water company they’ll recommend you call a plumbing company to have a plumber check for hidden leaks!

To set up your leak detection with a BELOMAN plumbing dial (618) B-E-L-O-M-A-N or visit our website here.  We’re always happy to help!  For any HVAC or plumbing repairs, installations, indoor air quality, architectural metal or pest help the BELOMAN is here to save the day. Like always, the #BELOMAN is here to save the day! BELIEVE IN THE BELOMAN WAY! We’re the only HVAC and plumbing company in the Metro East to receive the 2016 Better Business Bureau TORCH Award.  The award honors excellent commitment to customer service through exceptional standards for ethical business practices.