Help! My AC is Making a Strange Sound!

B.101 AC Strange Sounds

Is your air conditioner making a strange sound and leaving you with an uneasy feeling?  We’ve put together a list of several common AC sounds and what they could mean.  As always if you feel uneasy about the situation it’s best to contact a licensed and trained professional!

Clicking at startup: this sound may indicate that there is hardware loose inside the unit and springs or bolts have become lodged inside.
Squealing at startup: if you hear this sound there is usually nothing if it’s a brief; however, if this is a new sound you’re hearing and it’s never done it before, it may be in need of a repair.
Hissing: if you hear hissing it’s a good indicator that you have a refrigerant line leak and should have a technician address the problem very soon.
Bubbling: a bubbling sound can be due to a slow leak or gas bubbles in the line.  Call the BELOMAN to have a professional check for a leak and repair.
Animal sounds: your AC is not a living and breathing animal so any sign of animal sounds is not good.  It’s possible that an animal has made its way into your duct work or trapped itself inside your AC unit. Call our pest department for help!
Rumbling: rumbling is warning sign that internal fan may be broken.
Banging: if you’re hearing a lot of banging noises coming from your AC it could mean that some kind of internal mounts or part inside are loose.  It’s also a symptom to replace the compressor.
Buzzing: a buzzing sound coming from your AC might be due to burning of wiring. A good idea would be to check connections for indicators of the sound.  Always contact a professional as electrical components can be very dangerous!
Rattling: although everything may appear okay from the outside, this sound could mean the motor mounts have failed and may be hitting around on the inside.
Screaming: all screaming is a very alarming sound but screaming dealing with you AC could mean that the high pressure sensor is malfunctioning  and it may be good idea to turn unit off.

One way to reduce the amount of times you encounter strange AC sounds is to keep up with bi-annual maintenance.  If you ever feel uneasy about an alarming sound coming from your AC it’s always best to contact your local and trusted HVAC company.  The BELOMAN is always here to help by providing 24/7 emergency service!

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