Help! My House Isn’t Cooling Evenly!

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If you found that our blog last week pertained to your home then this week’s blog will be right up your alley!  If you are finding that your temperatures are fluctuating from room to room you may want to look into Zone Control System.  What is a Zone Control System and how does it work?  We’re here to help!

What is a Zone Control System?: A Zone Control System is a way for you to allow specific areas of your home or office to have their own thermostat.  These kinds of systems are the most efficient method to keep your home comfortable and save money.

How Does It Work?: In order for your home or office to experience a Zone Control System, individual thermostats will be connected to a central panel.  This central panel will then control your ducts, dampers and the cooling or heating path to the different zones of your choice.  Zones can be used for a single room, 2 or more rooms and even an entire floor!  Research from the U.S. Energy Department finds that Zone Control Systems can save homeowners up to 30% on a typical heating or cooling bill!

All in all, if you’re in the market to control temperatures in certain zones of your home or office, are looking to save money and energy while staying comfortable then a Zone Control System could be a perfect addition!  If you are wanting more information on this type of system for your home then contact our office today to speak to a certified HVAC professional. (618) BEL-OMAN or visit our website here.

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