Help! The Levels Of My Home Aren’t Cooling Evenly!

B.46 Levels Not EvenlyIs your upstairs warmer than you would like?! As you’ve probably heard before…heat rises!  Because of this, the levels of homes not heating or cooling evenly is typically a common problem.  Although it is a common problem it is always important to know what the factors are allowing this heat to rise and what can you do about it.  As always the BEL-O Man is here to help!

The first thing you can do is to start by contacting a qualified HVAC company.  By adding a knowledgeable HVAC professional to the equation you’ll be able to quickly determine reasons why the levels of your home are not cooling equally and what you can do about it.  Common reasons your upstairs is warmer include:
*Hot air rises!  Based on science heat rises so it’s bound to happen and ultimately be more difficult for your upstairs to keep cool.
*Numbers!  What kind of numbers? The numbers of rooms in your home trying to keep cool as well as the number of years on your system play a role.  The older and less efficient your unit, the more difficulties there will be possible.
*Hot roof! If your roof is too hot this can also be a contributing factor.  If your roof is not shaded, your roof will quickly absorb the heat & transfer it down through your attic and to your upstairs.
*Poor ducts! If your ductwork is not properly sealed or installed incorrectly it can lead to cool air not properly reaching your upstairs as it should.  Also, if you have not properly insulated your home this could lead to cool air escaping and warm air entering.

After you have a discussion with your HVAC professional as to why the levels of your home are not cooling evenly you may then want to discuss the option of redirecting the air in your home. Other options include making sure you are changing your filters regularly/as needed, insulating your windows/attic, and discussing turning your fan from auto to on.  All of these options are routes that can be taken after further discussing with your trusted HVAC professional.

All in all, while a few of these options can be considered DIY, always remember it’s best to add a certified and trusted HVAC professional to the mix for better insight.  They’ll be able to give you better insight for solving the cooling issues in your home.  As always we’re here to help and just a phone call away! Be sure to visit our website here.

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