Help! The Sky Is Falling!


It’s that time of year again where the beautiful colors of autumn begin to fall from the trees leaving you a crisp, colorful mess to clean up. Not only is it time to break out the ol’ rake—it’s also time to make sure your gutters aren’t becoming clogged! Clogged gutters can become excessively clogged and lead to leaks and floods in your home especially in basement areas.

*What could actually go wrong??

  1. Aside from leaves, other plastic bags that have flown through the air can also become trapped making it even more difficult for water to properly flow.
  2. If you leave your gutters clogged for an extended amount of time you also run the risk of rotting shingles or the edge of your roofline.
  3. Instead of water running down the gutters in the proper direction of flow, water may begin pooling right from the sides causing a trench to form around the edge of your home.  This will affect your grass growth and leave a very muddy mess.
  4. By having water pool up you can damage your foundation.
  5. Not to subdue the four mentioned above, one of the biggest problems associated with gutters becoming clogged is leaks and flooded basements! This can be a long process and a more drawn out issue to correct if left damaged for too long.

*What should I do??

  1. Install new gutters which have gutter guard to ensure falling leaves and other debris won’t clog.
  2. Contact a plumber: a plumber will be able to discuss possible options with you to ensure your plumbing isn’t making the situation any worse. A licensed plumber can also check over drain and other plumbing work in your basement to ensure there isn’t a problem anywhere else leading to the leaks or flood.
  3. Regularly clean your gutters out of course!

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