How a humidifier can help you stay healthy

Sorry for the delay in this weeks post. Finally feeling better after dealing with bronchitis.

Health Related:

Humidity is essential to maintaining your body’s immune system. The recommended humidity level in your home should be between 45 – 65%. Low levels of humidity can cause eruptions in skin allergies and respiratory infections. Also, a air purifier is a great compliment to using a humidifier. Smaller amounts of dust and bacteria in the air, in addition to maintaining proper humidity will help your body defend against bacteria growth this time of year. From personal experience, I know that it has drastically helped relieve sore throat pain and shortened recovery time from bronchitis. 

Home Benefits:

The benefits to having a more proper humidity level in your home can be seen all around. Without proper humidity moldings can crack, warping and splitting of hardwood floors can occur, as well as reducing static electricity that affects those pricey electronics. Clearly the benefits to creating the proper humidity level in your home outweigh the cost. 


This link is a great resource for finding our more information on humidifiers and what to look for when purchasing one:


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