How Do You Control Static Electricity in Your Home?

Everyone has experienced static electricity at some point in their lives. You can certainly feel it, and sometimes, you can even see it and hear it. It’s that electrical charge that builds up on the surface of an object, such as your carpets, a lamp, or even a doorknob.


At BELOMAN in Belleville, we often recommend a humidifier to our customers as a means of making their heating systems run more efficiently and be subject to less wear and tear. This also helps with evenness of comfort and even indoor air quality. It improves situations where static electricity is prevalent as well because dry air facilitates static charges. Water vapor from the humidifier inhibits those charges and makes static electricity much less likely.

Fewer Carpets and Other High-Friction Surfaces

Proper water vapor levels will take care of static electricity in most residences. To further control static electricity in your home, limit or even eliminate carpets, rugs, and other high-frictions surfaces. These help to build up static charges.

Anti-Static Mats

Something else to consider is anti-static mats. You can place these at all of the entrances. They help to dispel the charges created there and prevent them from being distributed throughout your home.

Anti-Static Wrist Straps

There are wrist straps that you can wear as well. These ground you and prevent electrical charges being delivered from buildup locations to you. These aren’t generally meant to be used all the time, but they can be effective when using desktop computers or other consumer electronics.

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