How Heavy Rain Affects Your Air Conditioner

B.94 Heavy Rain Affect AC

We all know the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”, right? Well what if those showers turn into several down pours over the course of a month? Severe amount of rain can wreak havoc on homes and businesses!  Because your HVAC is such a big investment it’s important to understand how heavy rain can affect your air conditioner.

Storm Damage: With heavy storms also comes high winds which whips debris around.  Additional debris flying around can be harmful to your unit if leaves, twigs, and other debris become lodged inside your condenser fan grille.  Once the storm has passed it’s always a good idea to check out your unit to make sure it is clear of debris and damage.

Flooding: If you live in an area that commonly floods you should be aware of how to protect your AC unit.  When a flood occurs that exceeds a foot or more of water, you should have your unit inspected by a trained and knowledgeable professional.  It’s also important to have your ductwork checked out if it is below the house in a crawlspace.

Corrosion: Aside from storm damage and flooding, corrosion can also occur inside your unit.  If you keep your unit covered during off seasons it may have caused moisture and condensation to build up which can rot wires as well as corrode or rust metal components.  Always be sure to use a specific AC unit cover which is designed to properly vent the unit.

Your AC unit is designed to withstand rain showers as well as snow and hail. Its design makes it capable of holding up in outside weather conditions. Electrical components are sealed and connections are made resistant to moisture.  The compressor and condenser in the outdoor unit are made of aluminum, copper, and other metals, and are made to handle heavy rains. SO! Yes, your unit is made to handle those April showers BUT with everything there is a limit of how much it can withstand–so it’s important to be informed.

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