How often should you change your furnace filter?

The average person doesn’t likely know what all the parts inside the furnace do. A homeowner usually hopes to turn on the thermostat and then enjoy the desired temperature level. However, things don’t always work as intended, and presumably, avoidable repairs will eventually become necessary. Performing a small preventive maintenance step, such as replacing the filter, could keep things running smoothly for much longer.

What does the filter do, and when does it require replacing?

Furnace Filters: What They Do and for How Long

A filter’s job, as the name suggests, is to filter out impurities from the system and air. The filtration affects air quality and furnace performance. Since a furnace collects dust and dirt, those things and more start to pile up on the filter. Eventually, the filter can’t do its job effectively because of clogs. Therefore, replacing the filter becomes a must. A brand new filter could perform much better than one that’s too old and too dirty.

Let’s look at these points a little closer.

When the fan sends hot air through the ducts and towards the vents, anything inside that air travels along as well. If there is dirt or dust present, then those impurities go where the air takes them. Homeowners doubtfully want low air quality inside their various rooms. Keeping contaminants out of the air means keeping them out of the home. Additionally, the filter keeps impurities from causing troubles in the furnace.

When should you change the filter, though? Many sources suggest changing it every 90 days, although changing it every six months remains a possibility. The thicker the filter, the longer the filter can last. Regardless, erring on the side of caution may be preferable. Changing the filter earlier rather than later could avoid performance and quality problems.

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Dirty Filters Cause Problems

The 90-day or six-month duration might require speeding up if problems with the furnace become evident. The filter could clog sooner than expected and give off warning signs. Ignoring those signs could lead to mechanical issues and related repairs.

Are the heating bills going up even though you maintain the same temperature? Several factors could contribute to the increase, including poor insulation and drafts. A dirty filter might be the problem, as well. A little investigating may prove valuable and save the homeowner money upon uncovering the problem and requesting a fix.

And how is the airflow inside the home? When airflow noticeably decreases, the problem could be with the air filter. Conversely, when you see a great deal of dust building up inside the home, a dirty filter might be at the core of the problems.

A furnace that cycles oddly or too frequently may also experience mechanical issues. A dirty filter could be the cause, among other potential culprits.

A clogged air filter might lead to the furnace overheating, causing the heat exchanger to crack. A cracked heat exchanger may lead to costly repair bills. Even worse, the damage might cause an increase in carbon monoxide levels.

Getting a jump on routine maintenance seems wise in light of these points.

Pre-Booking the Service Visit

One tremendous benefit of a maintenance plan is that it often includes making sure filter replacements, along with other work, takes place on schedule. A twice-yearly visit from an HVAC technician allows for discovering hidden damage or malfunctions. For example, a clogged filter putting a strain on the system may wear down another part. The technician could notice the trouble and then replace the part. The inspection may reveal other woes that demand attention.

Some issues may surprise homeowners. Filters become susceptible to mold growth, and an inspection might uncover mold’s presence. Undetected mold might grow and do so quickly. Mold brings with it health concerns, as the spores could travel through the air ducts. Yes, there are several things to consider when wondering about changing filters.

Several potential benefits come from cleanings, assessments, and recommendations performed during a service visit. Signing up for a maintenance plan may ensure someone arrives to check the filter and other components before the winter and summer seasons.

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