How To: Disguise an Outdated Thermostat

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Want to keep up with the latest interior trends, but your pesky thermostat is throwing off the feel of the room?  It turns out there are actually ways to dress up your thermostat!  You can make your outdated thermostat modern with a few simple changes.

You Can:

Cover it up: search Pinterest for various hinge box ideas. The box can be created to match your décor and no one will know what’s behind it! There’s always the option of covering it with a piece of art; however, for easier access connect hinges to the piece you are using to “disguise” the thermostat.  Always always always make sure there is still proper air flow making its way to your thermostat in order to obtain the best reading.

B.23 Thermostat 1

Frame it: a second way to disguise your outdated thermostat is to frame it. Picture frames are inexpensive, but can really change the overall look. Shop around for frames with various designs to match your décor.  Add a coat of paint to the frame to match an accent color!

B.23 Thermostat 2a

Make it a focal point: instead of finding ways to disguise your thermostat try making it a focal point!  Add shelving around the thermostat to add décor pieces and jazz up the area around it .  Adding pieces of décor can keep eyes away from an outdated thermostat drawing less attention to the eyesore and redirecting attention to the décor.

B.23 Thermostat 3a

Purchase a new thermostat: if all else fails there is always the option to purchase a whole new thermostat.  These days there are several options which are often designed to look attractive and include modern touchscreens or Wi-Fi options.

B.23 Thermostat 4

As you can see there are several quick and easy solutions to disguise your outdated thermostat.  Never feel held back trying to keep up with the latest interior trends because of an “ugly thermostat”. We’re here to tell you there are several routes to take in order to disguise your outdated thermostat and, like always, the #BELOMAN is here to help!