How To: Find the Source of a Garbage Disposal Leak

B.90 Finding Garbage Disposal Leak

Even homeowners that take great care of their garbage disposal can experience a leak or two every once in a while!  If you are suddenly faced with a large puddle under your sink a plumber will definitely be able to help. While waiting for your plumber to arrive there are a few steps you can take in order to detect the source of the leak and help alleviate the problem at hand.  When becoming a detective to search for the source of the leak it’s important to know where to begin when searching.

*Check the sink flange: this is the part that connects the top of the disposal to the bottom of the sink drain
*Check the dishwasher connection: this is the area that is usually connected by a rubber hose to the side of the disposal
*Check the drain pipe: this is the plastic or metal pipe that drains water and food away from the sewer
*Check the garbage disposal itself: self-explanatory!

To perform your test there is a quick protocol to go by:
1. Dry the outside of the disposal so that any new moisture will easily stand out
2. Wait a few minutes then observe the disposal under the sink (if you do see dripping it is a sign that your leak is coming from the sink flange)
3. If it is still dry, remove the drain plug from the sink and watch disposal closely.  There should be water coming from a possible of three points.  The location of the problem will dictate the type of fix that needs to be done.

Depending on how comfortable you are at tackling your plumbing repair you may be able to turn it into a DIY project; however, if you need any further assistance just call the BELOMAN!  It’s always best to call a professional for help if you aren’t 100% sure what needs to be done.  Calling a professional will help to avoid making the problem at hand more severe than it already is.

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