How To: Pest-Proof Your HVAC!

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Yes, there are several strategies to protect areas of your home from pests; however there is one area that is often overlooked….your HVAC components! In order to further avoid overlooking this area and causing harm to your HVAC as well as disrupt the cleanliness of air in your home, it’s important to know how to tackle the issue!

There are many reasons why pests are able to find their way into your home’s HVAC components. Although your home may be located in an area where pest infestations are common it’s still important to know why it’s important to pest-proof your HVAC components and how you can tackle the issues.

Why it’s important!
Indoor Air Quality Issues: Pest-proofing your HVAC components is important to avoid contaminating the air in your family’s home.  It is know that many pests are also considered allergens.  These allergens can contaminate your ductwork and begin exposing your family members to harmful air and trigger pesky allergy symptoms.
Damage: Pests can cause harm to your HVAC components if they start creating their nesting within.  By nests forming, it can also lead to a list of other harmful issues.

Here’s what you can do!
Seal your ducts: by sealing all gaps and cracks you can disrupt access for the pests to enter your HVAC.  If there’s no way for the pests to enter your ducts you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to figure out how to rid them!  As mentioned above, keeping pests out of your duct work can save you from experiencing indoor air quality issues.
Install flue and vent covers: by installing flue and vent covers you are also preventing access for pests to enter areas of your system.  This will avert pests from taking up home and building nests inside.
Protect your outside air conditioning unit: outside rodents and small creatures can cause great damage to your exterior unit by chewing, scratching and urinating on it.  In order to protect your outside unit, you should keep the area surrounding it free of vegetation and tall grass.

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