How To: Prevent a Vacation Plumbing Disaster

B.103 Plumbing Summer Vacation

Summer months are upon us and the planning of summer vacations is in full gear. Along with planning excursions, what to pack and who’s going to take care of the family pet there’s also a list of tasks to get your home ready for your long leave of absence. Although reprogramming your thermostat while you’re away is a good start—your plumbing should not be left on the back burner! In order to leave your home feeling completely confident that you’ll return to a happy home your household plumbing system will need some quick-and-easy preparation as well.

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch watching your favorite TV show when a pipe in your home decides to spring a leak—you rush for the nearest bucket or empty trashcan to quickly catch the water then sprint to the shut off valve. Now…picture all of this happening while you’re instead relaxing on the beach soaking in the sun.  This can be a catastrophe that can be easily avoided by simply shutting off the main water supply.  Along with shutting off the main water supply there’s also a few more adjustments to extend your savings even more.  If you have an automatic ice maker, it might be a good idea to shut it down before you leave to help save a little extra water.  This is also the case if you have a water softening system.  You can also turn off your water heater if no one will be in the home to enjoy taking a hot shower so there isn’t a need to keep it running. These are just a few of the options to plan ahead for your plumbing and extended trip away from home!

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