How To: Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

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The freezing point for water? 32 degrees! Water left in pipes in an ill heated area can cause your pipes to freeze.  For this very reason it’s important for you to be educated on how to prevent your pipes from freezing in the first place.  Follow the 7 recommendations below to avoid a plumbing catastrophe!

  1. Insulate all water pipes: insulating all pipes is a good idea because it helps to slow down the transfer rate of heat to cold. It’s also a good idea to locate your main water shut off just in case.
  2. Use heater tape: heater tape works by utilizing a built-in thermostat. In order for the tape to work, it must be wrapped between the pipe and insulation. Be sure to look at your specific type of tape as some tapes do not allow insulation to be over the heat tape.
  3. Insulate drain lines in crawl spaces & cold basements: focus on the drain’s p-trap will keep it from freezing if it is also protected from moving cold air with a DIY boxed enclosure.
  4. Check the pipe before attempting to thaw it: some pipes made of plastic and copper will sometimes split and flood the area after they have been frozen and are being thawed. Be sure to check the pipes for cracks or slits to save yourself a mess! If you do see cracks be sure to call a plumber to better assist.
  5. Use this, this, or that: in order to prevent a fire, use an electric space heater, hand-held hair dryer or reflector heat lamp to help warm the pipes. As always use care as too much heat can cause combustion. Never leave these devices unattended when not in use.
  6. Always disconnect your water hose: if a water hose is left connected after temperatures drop below freezing, you risk the chance of the hose freezing up to the spigot and reach your pipes. Simply disconnecting your hose can help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.
  7. Call and discuss with a plumber: by talking over your situation with a plumber and having a trusted professional visit your home you can easily prevent pipes from freezing in the first place.

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