How To: Retrieve Lost Items That Wash Down The Drain


Have you ever been in the position when your precious valuable item suddenly disappears down the drain? Have you ever taken off your new flashy ring to do the dishes, placed a set of earrings near a bathroom sink and suddenly they’re gone?! Scary yes, but gone forever….probably not!  With a little luck and guidance you can easily retrieve them with no harm done. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to retrieving your lost items!

  1. Turn the faucet off immediately. This will decrease the chance of whatever it was from getting carried all the way to the drain stack at which point will drop into the sewer line and will be gone forever. One of the most common items dropped down drains is jewelry which is heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the plumbing trap. This will allow it to become trapped in an area which you will be able to access. It is important to retrieve lost items in the drain sooner rather than later to avoid accumulation of hair and debris to clog your drain. The trap under your faucet is essentially designed to keep horrid sewer odors from backing up into your sink; however, it also miraculously doubles as a way to trap lost items!
  2. Open up the trap: The exact procedure you’ll need will vary depending on your specific plumbing fixture and piping in place; however, most general principles to remove it will apply!
  3. Set a bucket under the trap to catch any water that may spill out.
  4. Use a wench or pliers to remove the “J” part of the trap from the rest of the drain plumbing.
  5. If your plumbing consists of plastic pipes you should be able to simply unscrew the slip nuts by hand.
  6. Once the nuts are loose, you can pull the trap off the pipes and shake out your lost item.
  7. Once your lost item has been retrieved you can put the plumbing pieces back together the same way you took them apart.

If you aren’t able to successfully remove your lost item, or are too afraid you’ll cause more damage, you can call your local and trusted plumbing company for help! Your Metro East superhero is ready to save the day! If you would like further information you can find it on our website or give us a call at (618) BEL-OMAN.  For any HVAC or plumbing repairs, installations, or pest solutions give us a call.  Like always, the #BELOMAN is here to help! BELIEVE IN THE BELOMAN WAY! We’re the only HVAC and plumbing company in the Metro East to receive the Better Business Bureau TORCH Award for ethics.  The award honors excellent commitment to customer service through exceptional standards for ethical business practices.