How to Save Energy During the Holidays

The holidays bring with it colder temperatures, and to stay comfortable, you’ll be switching the heating unit on more than before. However, you can keep the energy bills from becoming excessively high by following a few basic tips. These pointers apply whether you own a packaged system, heat pump, or furnace.

Schedule Continual Maintenance

Any heating unit, regardless of its age, can benefit from a tune-up. BELOMAN can send a technician to your home in Belleville, IL, once a year for heating maintenance. By replacing the air filters, calibrating the thermostat, and handling other basic tasks, we can make your system run more efficiently. With efficient performance comes lower electricity bills.

Program the Thermostat

Perhaps you’re running your heater 24/7. You can prevent the energy waste by coming up with a heating schedule via a programmable thermostat. For starters, you could keep the heater from coming on during the middle of the night and whenever the home is vacant. You could also upgrade to a Wi-Fi-compatible smart thermostat, which offers remote access.

Seal Any Drafts

Heated air will escape through any cracks to the colder air outside, dropping your temperature again in no time and forcing the heater to turn on and off. You can avoid this situation by sealing the drafts in your windows and doors with a foam seal or foam tape. Searching for drafts can be easy with an infrared camera.

You may also want to look for drafts in the attic. A heating professional could do this and check your insulation levels in the attic at the same time since insulation, provided it has a high R-value, is crucial in helping a home to retain heat.

Serving Belleville Residents Since 1959

BELOMAN is ready to tackle all of your heating and cooling needs for the holidays. That’s not all we do, though. We also work with architectural metal, complete plumbing projects, and install indoor air quality systems. Seniors and military members can obtain a discount when they hire us. To schedule an appointment, call today.