How To: Save $$ in 2016 with BELOMAN!

B.26 NY Save Money

Did you make a New Year Resolution to start saving money? Did you also know BEL-O MAN can help you keep your word to this resolution? It’s true! There are two ways you can start saving money today: join our Discount Club Membership or schedule an Energy Efficiency Visit today!

I Made A Resolution to Save Money…How Can BEL-O MAN help?

  1. Join our Discount Club Membership

Clubs are an awesome thing, right?  Everyone should be in a club at some time in their life for the exclusivity and the perks you receive.  Here at #BELOMAN we offer a discount program to our customers called the Discount Club Membership (DCM) (creative, huh?) to help save our customers some money on services they need to have done to keep their heating and cooling system well maintained and in good condition.  Heating and cooling is the main highlight of the DCM, but we can also bundle those services with plumbing and pest solutions to ensure that your house is the right temperature, have pipes that are working properly and that you’re pest free.  Our most popular version is for heating and cooling, so that’s what we’ll focus on below:

So what are the perks of having the DCM versus having the services done and paid for separately?

  • Well, you’ll save money on both your furnace tune-up and air conditioner tune-up if bundled.
  • We’ll remind you of your appointments (approximately six months apart) so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to set them up.  We know life is busy, which is why we try to keep things as easy as possible.
  • Priority service.  It’s twenty degrees and your furnace went out…as did fifteen other callers.  You’ll be bumped to the top of the list of service calls so you’re without heat for less time.
  • No “after-hours trip charge”.  If you need a service call outside of normal operating hours you know it can become very costly, very quickly.  Our DCM customers don’t have to worry about that because they get to pay the regular day rate.
  • Discounts!  Not only do you get a discount on the cost of repair of your system, but you also get a discount on any equipment upgrades you do.  You wouldn’t get that without being in our club.  You could save hundreds with these discounts– that’s a pretty good deal!
  • Many, many more!!
  1. Schedule an Energy Efficiency Visit

Is your utility bill leaving you utterly shocked every time you see the amount? It might be time to call an energy efficiency expert! Give us a call today to learn how to start decreasing the price you pay.

By working with a registered Ally of the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy Program like us there are:

  • Typical saving of 20% or more on utility bills
  • Generous cash incentives that can cover up to 80% of costs
  • Convenient on-bill financing available
  • Ways to increase the long-term value of your home
  • Potential to earn an Illinois Home Performance ENERGY STAR Certificate

If you want any more information you can find it on our website or you’re welcome to give us a call at 618-BELOMAN ((618) 509-9995) to find out more or to sign up.  You may not get a cool jacket with the club’s logo on the back, but you’ll have peace of mind that you’re in good hands!