How to Save on Your Water Bill

Reducing your water bill might not be too high on your list of financial priorities, but incrementally saving money on water can quickly add up to a significant amount over time. Some of the things that will help you reduce the water bill can also help to extend the life of the appliances and water fixtures, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs. Here are some ways to reduce your water bill:

Check for Leaks

Leaks in the water system can lead to wastage of water and structural damage to your home. Detecting and repairing leaks can be a complex task. You should consider hiring a professional plumber, with experience and leak detection and repair. They will use specialized tools and technology to determine if there is water leakage and pinpoint the location of the leak. The professional plumber might perform a leak audit to determine if all the water that flows into your home is being used through the right channels. In most cases, the leak can be repaired. However, in some cases, replacement of the pipes, valves, appliances, fixtures, or other parts will be necessary. The earlier you address leakage issues, the higher the chances of quick and cheap repair.

Buy Water Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

Older models of appliances such as laundry machines, dishwashers, water heaters, can be inefficient compared to newer models. Some appliances also tend to lose efficiency with time. If you want optimum water efficiency, you should buy appliances designed for that purpose. For example, you can buy water appliances that have been certified as water-efficient such as Watersense labeled appliances. Similarly, there are water fixtures that offer improved water efficiency. For example, you can install showerheads that have adjustable flow for the water. A professional plumber should be able to guide you on the right type of appliances and fixtures for your needs.

Do Full Loads for Washing Machines

Generally, a front-loading laundry machine is going to be more water-efficient than a top-loading laundry machine. There is a positive correlation between Energy Star washing machines and water usage, so you should upgrade to Energy Star washing machines. Most types of laundry machines use the same amount of water regardless of the load. To minimize the number of times you have to use the washing machines, it makes sense to do only full loads, but don’t over-stuff the washing machines. Use cold water as that helps save energy costs as well.

Use the Dishwasher

Apart from upgrading to a water-efficient dishwasher, there is another thing you can do to reduce your water bill: use the dishwasher. Many people believe that washing dishes with their hands is going to save them on utility bills. That might be true if you have a very inefficient dishwasher, but Energy Star dishwashers are energy efficient. Using running water to wash dishes to going to use waste a lot more water than what the dishwasher will use. The dishwasher is designed to be more efficient given you are washing a full load of dishes.

Optimize Watering of the Lawn

If you have the time and energy to water the lawn manually, that might be the most water-efficient method to keep your lawn properly hydrated. You can also optimize the sprinkler system to only water the lawn during the early morning when the water is least likely to evaporate. You can also limit the amount of water that the sprinkler system uses to water the lawn.

Take Shorter Showers

Taking long showers can lead to wastage of water. Time your showers to check if you are showering for too long. Also, use a mild to moderate flow of water to reduce wastage of water. You might enjoy a high water pressure shower, but it going to add a significant number of units to your water bill.

Schedule an Appointment with a Certified and Experienced Plumber

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