How To: Solve Uneven Cooling Issues in Your Home

B.110 Uneven Cooling

Is your home suffering from uneven cooling? No worries–you’re not alone! Over time, there are several factors in your home that can lead your system to unevenly cool your home.  System aging, ductwork problems as well as dirty filters are all factors that may disallow certain areas of your home from feeling comfortable. BELOMAN is here to let you know that there are a few ways you can help and take control of the situation in your home.

  1. Check Your Air Vents: if air vents in your room are blocked with furniture this can prevent air from properly circulating into the living space. Check to make sure that your vents are open. Your system and ductwork were created for each other to allow balanced air flow to circulate evenly through your home. By blocking vents you are disallowing air from entering that space and could be causing stress to your system.
  2. Check Your Air Ducts For Leaks: sometimes air can begin to leak from your ducts and prevent airflow from going to the areas of your home where it needs to be. Leaks in your duct work can cause stress to your system by causing it to work hard to compensate for the missing air. A professional at BELOMAN can examine the duct work in your home to solve the problem.
  3. Check Your Fan Settings On Your Thermostat: if you take a look at your thermostat you’ll find a setting to switch your fan from either “auto” or “on”. “Auto” will turn the fan on only when the system is calling for cool air. On the other hand, “On” will keep your fan on to circulate air even after the A/C goes off. This will better circulate air in your home to help in evening out temperatures to the different levels of your home. Keeping your fan set to “On” may add a slight increase to your electricity bill.
  4. Check Your Attic For Proper Insulation: if your attic lacks proper insulation your home will have a more difficult time keeping the cool air in the desired area. This could very well be the culprit of the temperature difference from the first level in your home and the second level if you have already checked #1, #2, and #3.
  5. Use a Zoning System: one of the most efficient ways to deal with uneven cooling in your home can require an investment on your end. A zoning system will allow you to have full control over the temperatures in zoned areas of your home. An HVAC professional will be able to evaluate your current situation to determine the best zoning for your specific zone based on layout or frequently lived in areas.

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