How, When & Why to Change Your Filter

B.109 How When Why Filter

How? When? Why? These are all great questions you may have when it comes to changing your furnace filter. To help—the BEL-O Man is here to answer your questions!

HOW: Locate the filter door on your furnace, remove the old filter and make sure you purchase the same exact size to replace.  When you remove the filter, pay attention to the arrow markings telling you which way the filter goes.  These arrows will help guide you placing the new filter in.  Once you’ve removed the old filter and slid the new filter in you can then replace the filter door and dispose the old dirty filter. A good trick we recommend is writing the date you inserted the filter on it so that you can remember how long that filter has been inside.

WHEN: When it comes to the ‘When?” question this usually varies depending on your specific situation.  It’s generally a good idea to check monthly since there are several factors that play a role in the cleanliness of your filter.  Pets, dust, and construction can all play a role in how often you’ll need to change it.  Depending on your current situation you may be able to withhold from changing your filter every three to six months.

WHY: Airflow, system performance, and air quality of course!  If you leave a clogged filter in for too long it will block proper airflow from circulating through your home.  Failing to change your filter can also alter the performance of your HVAC system causing it to work hard and adding more unneeded stress.  Finally, air quality—by changing your filter you are allowing the proper amount of airflow to go through and trap unwanted particles from entering the breathing space of your family’s home.

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