HVAC Myths Debunked!

B5.Myths PicWhile it may appear that the HVAC industry is straight forward, people still have misconceptions about certain areas.  In order to clear up some of these misconceptions, we’ve created a list of 5 common myths to debunk their falsehood!


#1: Air Filters Do Not Need To Be Changed On A Regular Basis:

The Truth: Air filters do indeed need to be changed on a regular basis.  Dirt, dust, and even moisture can clog up your filter which will not allow your system to run effectively.  It’s also a very good idea to keep up with the cleanliness of your filter because it will help you in the long run avoiding extra charges in the future.

#2: If I Move The Thermostat All The Way Down It’ll Cool My House Faster:

The Truth: Some believe this myth that there are certain ways to cool your house faster just by adjusting the thermostat. This is actually false.  Thermostats are designed to set a chosen temperature you want your unit to turn off and on to maintain a certain temperature.  Turning your thermostat all the way down will only make your system work harder than it needs to which will add unneeded stress.

#3: The Location Of My Thermostat Does Not Matter:

The Truth: This is false.  The location of your thermostat does matter if you want the most accurate reading.  Thermostats give you the temperature from the location it is installed.  So, if you install your thermostat near a sunny window your numbers could be reading incorrectly simply because of the exposed sunlight warming the area. Location, location, location!

#4: If I Close The Vents In An Unused Room, I’ll Save Money:

The Truth: Cutting off air to a certain room or certain part of the house does not redirect air.  What this actually does is throw off the balance your AC unit needs to remain regulated.  Trying to control your unit to work in a certain way will only cause stress to your system.  This added stress will actually do the opposite of saving money because you’ll need to pay for immediate service!

#5: If It Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It:

The Truth: Many people use this logic in several matters of their life.  “If I’m not sick, I shouldn’t visit the doctor.” “If I don’t have a serious tooth issue, I shouldn’t see my dentist.”  All wrong! Frequent checkups are very important whether it be pertaining to your health or to the “health” of your cooling system.  Scheduling routine checkups is never a bad idea in the HVAC world!

Now that some of your misconceptions are cleared up, you have the authority to debunk anyone else that believes these myths are true! Always remember: If comfort is your plan, call the Bel-O Man! (618) 509-9995