HVAC Tips For Pet Owners

B.60 HVAC Tips Pet Owners

Do you have a pet? Do you have an HVAC system in your house? If you answered yes to these two questions this blog IS FOR YOU! Check out this list of 10 HVAC Tips to save you energy and keep your HVAC from working double-time:

  1. Shut off fans: if you leave fans on in attempt for a pet to feel cool you could potentially be wasting your time. In order for a pet to actually feel and enjoy a fan through their fur it must be set pretty high. To avoid adding unnecessary kilowatt hours to your electric bill stop running these fans when you aren’t home.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat: By setting your thermostat at a temperature slightly different from what you do currently you can save money and energy. Pets have their special ways (panting if hot and fur if cold) of adjusting to a slight temperature adjustment so there’s no need to worry! The Alliance to Save Energy recommends pet owners to set their thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter; however, you should always check with your vet for recommendations for your specific breed.
  3. Check those doggy doors: while a doggy door can be convenient, it is extremely important to make sure your air or heat is not escaping. Always be sure the door is able to be sealed air tight. If air is escaping it may cause your system to work harder. You worked hard for your family and pet to enjoy an air conditioned house—don’t let your hard earned money slip through the cracks (literally)!
  4. Put reptile on a schedule: in order to manage your energy costs for reptiles it’s a good idea to purchase a timer for their heat lamp requirements. Keeping your reptile on a schedule will help you save money on your energy costs!
  5. Turn off TVs: although you may think your dog enjoys catching up on the latest Netflix series while you’re out, it is not exactly realistic. Turning off the TV you may leave on for your pet to enjoy sound can save you energy on your bill in the long run. Toys and bones are also a good option to entertain your pet while you are out AND they won’t cost you a dime on your power bill!
  6. Don’t let the water run: although your pet may enjoy lapping up water from a flowing tub or sink faucet it’s wasting your money! If you absolutely must allow your pet to enjoy this luxury do it in small intervals rather than leaving them to their own personal drinking fountain.
  7. Keep out of drafty area: we can’t forget about the birds! Always make sure to never sit your bird cage by a drafty area to keep your bird from ruffling any additional feathers. A quick fix to stop a drafty area is to install an insulation kit to your window. Stopping the drafty area will also allow your HVAC system to operate as it should rather than having to work double-time to keep up.
  8. Don’t leave lights on: truth be told, animals only rely on natural light and darkness for their internal schedules and do not require artificial light. Your animal does not need a reading light to read the next few chapters in their novel or to finish a late night puzzle! By leaving the lights turned off while you are away you’ll save energy. Your pets won’t notice a difference, but your electricity bill will!
  9. Recycle aquarium water: a good way to clean your aquarium is to remove only 1/3 of the water and use the water removed to water indoor and outdoor plants. By doing this you’ll save energy and water! Your fish, plants, and wallet will thank you!
  10. Wash dog blanket & beds in cold water: by washing these items in cold water instead of hot you’ll use up to 90% less energy. Blankets and beds will come out just as clean and your fluffy tailed-wet nosed friend won’t be able to tell the difference!

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