I Need to Maintain My Water Heater…Why?

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Just as we schedule regular maintenance for our cars and HVAC systems it’s also important to schedule regular maintenance on your water heater.  How awful would it be to wake up in the morning, turn on the shower and step into an ice cold stream of water? When a licensed and trusted plumber performs regular maintenance on your water heater you’ll avoid stepping into a cold shower and gain even more benefits!  Three major benefits for keeping up with annual maintenance are:

1. Increase Efficiency: regular maintenance on your water heater can definitely help to increase its operating efficiency.  If you have ever heard odd sounds coming from your water heater, it is a good indicator that it is not operating as efficiently as it should be.  Often times when odd sounds are coming from your water heater and keeping constant it’s an indicator that there is a sediment buildup occurring.  Sediment is formed when loose minerals settle to the bottom.  A sediment buildup may make it more difficult to produce the hot water needed.  To avoid sediment forming it’s a good idea to have the maintenance performed and flush the tank.  By keeping your water heater running more efficiently you’ll begin saving money on your utility bill and continue heating your water as desired!
2. Decrease Likelihood of Costly Repairs: regular maintenance helps to decrease the likelihood of costly repairs because you’ll be more updated on what is actually going on with your equipment.  When a licensed and trusted plumber performs the maintenance, they’ll be more apt to find leaks or corrosion before the repair turns into one that will hit the wallet a little too hard.
3. No surprises: in addition to decreasing the likelihood of costly repairs, you’ll also avoid surprises.  While some surprises can be good surprises, when it comes to plumbing surprises they’re not always the best to receive.  Unwanted surprises can include a dreaded cold shower or even coming home to an excess of water around a broken water heater.  Regular water heater maintenance will definitely help to avoid unwanted surprises!

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