Ice on your A/C unit?

Are you enjoying the transition into summer heat from the semi warm and wet spring? Well that depends on if your air conditioner is running or not. This week Bel-O has had an overflow of A/C calls that we are working all day to get through.  One of the more common problems that we hear is that a customers A/C is frozen and there is no cold air coming out. Well, here is why that happens. 

Bel-O Sales & Service Frozen A/C

This is what a frozen A/C unit looks like.

My air conditioning unit has ice on it but there is no cold air coming from there registers. What should I Do?

First, make sure you call your contractor to have them come inspect the unit. Most companies offer a annual maintenance package that will offer this service.

When an air conditioner freezes up it can generally be traced back to the filter (this is where routine annual maintenance practices will save you). Your filter collects dust and debris all year long and since the cold air has no where to go it freezes up. Turn the fan on to help the ice melt. A technician is unable to work on a unit that is still a block of ice. 

If you filter is clean, the freon levels need to be checked to see if your unit is running low. A small leak can cause a noticeable drop here. This will require having the Beloman come out to diagnose the problem and get you back into a comfortable home in no time. 

Those are the most basic of reasons for your A/C unit to freeze up. Granted problems with condensers, fans, etc may also contribute to why your unit is not working. If the problem isn’t obvious, ask a professional. We are in this professional to make sure you maintain a comfortable lifestyle. 

As we encounter more A/C questions, we will continue to post the most popular. If you have a question you want answered, Email us! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest