Is A Ductless System A Good Solution For Me?

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Trying to cool or warm a room that is separate from your home or with no ductwork? Consider a ductless unit! These systems are designed to help make rooms that have been recently added more comfortable and to your liking. Is a ductless system right for your home?  Let us help you!

When is it time to go ductless??

*New additions: If you have a home with a new addition, sun room or garage apartment that you are wanting to control the temperature of-a ductless system is a perfect solution!

*Downsizing: If you have rooms not in use and don’t want to pay to heat/cool those rooms a ductless system is a good alternative to keep those rooms comfortable.

*Family feuds: Is there a dispute in your home to adjust the thermostat higher or lower?  With a ductless system you have more control for zoning certain areas of a home.

*Support: If you already have a ducted system in your home but have a small kitchen producing a lot of heat from a large stove or several picture windows letting in tons of warm sunlight-a ductless system can help cool or warm that area.

*No existing ductwork: If you have purchased a home without ductwork installed, it may be a cheaper idea to go the ductless route rather than adding all new ductwork.

If you have decided to go the ductless system route you should contact a professional rather than making it a DIY project. It is crucial that ductless systems are properly sized and installed.  A professional will also be able to make sure it is properly sealed and make sure refrigerant is handled properly according to EPA guidelines.

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