Is Your Toilet Paper Clogging Your Toilet?

B.107 Plumbing Toilet Paper

Strong and soft may be good for your derriere; however, it could be wreaking havoc on your plumbing system. The softest, most visual appealing papers with patterns and printed designs take longer to break down.  If your plumbing system is on the older side it could lead to clogging or sewer backups.  To avoid causing stress to your plumbing system there’s a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect toilet paper!

Thick pros:
-Because the paper is thicker you can use fewer squares which may make the thicker ply less expensive depending on your use
-Thicker toilet paper = softer and more comfortable to use
– Depending on the brand, you can shop for eco-friendly options made from 100% recycled fibers

Thin pros:
-1 ply paper is typically less expensive per sheet
-Technological advances have made 1 PLY toilet paper softer and more absorbent over time
-Less paper per sheet means less trees being cut down to produce the roll.

 If your plumbing leads to a private septic tank you must be clued in on the type of paper you use for your system.
-Avoid brands which have softening additives making the paper more difficult to break down
-Save money and take less risks by sticking with 1 ply paper
-Keep an eye out for “rapid dissolving” key words on the product label
-Choose an eco-friendly option made of recycled fibers which will be less harmful on your plumbing system
-Always remember to never flush other paper products down your toilet as these items will not break down in the septic tank and can cause disastrous clogs in your toilet

When it really comes down to it, it’s all about finding that balance between comfort softness, the level of dissolvability your toilet can handle and your personal desired use of toilet paper wad!  Everyone is different so you may need to go through a little trial and error.

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