It’s Doggone Hot!

Summer officially starts on June 21st and you know what that means? You’ll have your air conditioner running non-stop to combat those sweltering temperatures we all know and love.  You may be able to stay cool inside, but what about your furry family members?



Dogs can’t sweat like humans can, which is why you see dogs panting so much when it’s hot out or they’ve been exercising.  Panting helps water droplets evaporate off of their tongue and their lungs, which helps cool them significantly.  They do have sweat glands on the bottoms of their feet, which is a relatively small area compared to that of people and does not provide much cooling support.


Life Saving Tips

1. Give them plenty of fresh water.  This seems like a no-brainer, but the amount of water a dog normally drinks and what s(he) drinks when it’s hot out are vastly different.  It’s better to give a dog more water than they’ll drink than have them go thirsty.

2.  Provide them with a shelter from the sun.  Dogs need shade, whether it’s a big tree, under a deck, or their own personal doghouse.  It’s nearly always cooler in the shade and a very simple way to keep your best friend a little more comfortable.  

3.  Wear sunscreen.  I know it sounds silly, but dogs benefit from sunscreen just as much as we do.  Lighter colored and/or short furred animals can burn very easily, so it’s best to talk with your vet about recommending a sunscreen for the

ir nose and ears. 

4.  Limit outside time. If it is possible, try to keep dogs inside as much as possible during the hottest times of the day.  If the dogs must stay outside, please follow my tips above.

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