It’s raining, it’s pouring, and we can’t do anything outside!

You rearranged your schedule to fit a technician in to look at your air conditioning unit and at the last minute it was canceled due to rain.  Frustrating, isn’t it?  Here at Bel-O, canceling on our customers frustrates us, too.  It’s nearly August and we’re in the middle of spring weather, which unfortunately includes a lot of rain at times.  The rain is great to keep crops growing but wreaks havoc when we’re trying to keep schedules on track.

Indoor appointments usually have nothing to worry about when the skies open up, but outdoor are a different story.  There are two different reasons why we cannot work outside when it’s raining:  accuracy and safety.  The air pressure can be drastically different on a clear day versus a rainy day, which can skew readings.  Technicians cannot get accurate readings on the refrigerant charge, so if they calibrated the unit during this, your home would not function properly.  You want your home to cool correctly, don’t you?

The other main reason why we cannot come out to service your unit when it is raining is for safety, both theirs and yours.  Our technicians are working with electrical equipment and it doesn’t take a genius to know that water+electricity=bad idea.  There are a lot of electrical parts that when touched in the rain can electrocute  the technician, which probably isn’t something you want on your conscious.  It could also cause a short somewhere which opens another can of worms (oh hi Mr. Electrician…)

So, yes it is annoying to have to reschedule appointments that you once cleared several hours for and now you have to do it again, but it’s done for a reason.  The safety of our technicians is much more important to us than squeezing in an extra dollar.

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