Just a little drip?

When it comes to a faucet leaking, there is no such thing as just a little drip.  Those “little” drips can add up quickly to a mess, one big water bill and possibly some corrosion where the water constantly drips.  With it being summer, you’re probably using your outside spigot to water your garden, wash the car, or attaching the hose to a sprinkler for your kids to run through.  These are all ways that you are choosing to use your water… but is the water completely stopping once you turn it off?  For so many, the answer to that question is no.

Did you know that you can waste over two thousand gallons of water a year if a drip from your faucet fills an eight ounce glass in fifteen minutes?  Think of all of the money and water you could be saving if that was fixed!

The solution could simply be that the packing nut is loose and needs to be tightened with a wrench.  This is obviously the cheapest (read: free) fix…but what if tightening the nut doesn’t help?  The packing nut may need to be replaced if the leaking persists.  If you’re handy, you can run to the hardware store and replace it yourself.  However, if you are the least bit unsure, call up an expert.

There are a million reasons why an outdoor spigot can be leaking that can be cheap and easy to fix (like above) or require expert repair and a bigger budget to fix.  The moment you notice a slow drip you need to get it checked out to ensure it’s nothing huge.  Our plumbers can diagnose the issue and take care of your problem so you can stop worrying about the leak and start enjoying outdoor activities.

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