Odd Plumbing Sounds

Odd Plumbing Sounds

The first time you hear an odd sound coming from your plumbing there’s a good chance you might be startled.  These odd plumbing sounds each have their own problem and solution, so it’s best to quickly identify the sound you’re hearing in order for a plumber to quickly determine the issue. Here’s a few of the most common plumbing sounds you might be hearing:


Rattling: hearing a rattling sound coming from your pipes may mean you are experiencing loose pipes.  A simple tightening job will do the trick!

Hissing: the first time you hear a hissing sound you may be alarmed! This odd plumbing sound could mean that your water pressure is too high.  Having your water pressure too high can run up your bill & put unneeded stress on your pipes.

Thud: a sudden thud sound after turning your water off could mean your water pressure is too high. A technician can help by installing shock absorbers to better regulate your issue.

Dripping: hearing your water drip is definitely not something you want to take lightly.  You may be shocked, but a single dripping faucet can actually waste 3,000 gallons a year! It’s definitely a good idea to have a technician check out this odd plumbing sound to save you in the long run.

Whistling: an odd whistling sound may sound like there’s a big issue; however, a whistling sound usually indicates that your water pressure is too low which can be a quick fix for any technician.

Shower Whooshing:  if you hear an odd whooshing sound when you shower it’s a good indicator that there is mineral buildup in your pipes.  Mineral buildup usually occurs with “hard water”.  Adding a water softener just may be the solution to your problem!

Gurgling Drain: an unsettling gurgling noise coming from your drain could mean that your vent pipe is blocked.  A blocked vent pipe might allow foul smells to enter into your rooms and should be checked out and inspected by a certified technician.

While hearing odd sounds coming from your pipes might be alarming, usually these are minor issues that require quick fixes.  Whatever the case if you are ever in doubt give your friends at BELOMAN a shout—we’d love to help you figure out these unusual sounds.