Planning Your Summer Vacation: HVAC Edition

B.52 Summer HVAC Tips

A lot goes into planning a summer vacation as you may know! Don’t let your HVAC be ignored while making your planning list.  Besides packing the swimsuit, sunscreen and planning your excursions there are several things you should check on your home before you go.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 HVAC tips to keep in mind when planning your summer vacation.

  1. Schedule Routine Maintenance: before leaving for your vacation it is a good idea to call your local and trusted HVAC company to perform a tune up on your system. This tune up will ensure everything is operating correctly to make you feel confident you’ll have plenty of cool air when you return rather than coming home to a disaster.
  2. Don’t Forget Security: while away on your vacation passerby’s may notice your house is sitting vacant. To avoid thieves tampering or stealing your outside unit you can install security lights or a cage to better protect your system.
  3. Change Your Filter: ensuring that your filter is clean and regularly changed can prevent malfunctions while you’re away on vacation.   If your filter is past its changing date and clogged it can cause other issues. A quick change of your filter can give you more confidence that you’ll come home to a properly functioning system.
  4. Check Your Surge Protection: you never know when a severe thunderstorm will make its way to your area. To avoid a power surge from a storm or unfortunate mishap, install a surge protector to protect not only your HVAC system, but also other appliances in your home.
  5. Raise the thermostat: when leaving your home for an extended amount of time raising your thermostat a few degrees is a smart idea to save money on your energy bill. Why pay to cool your home when no one will be inside? If you have a programmable thermostat, you can also program the day your family will be arriving home to ensure your home is back at the desired temperature for your arrival.

While it is extremely important to pack the sunscreen, it is very important to keep the 5 tips above in mind as well. How horrible would it be to come home to a hot house because of one simple thing missed!  “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call The BELOMAN!”.  (618) BEL-OMAN