Plumbing Myths Debunked!

B9.Plumbing Myths

While it may appear that the marvelous world of plumbing is straight forward, people still have misconceptions about certain areas.  In order to clear up some of these misconceptions, we’ve created a list of 5 common myths to debunk their falsehood!

There aren’t any issues with low water pressure:

FALSE! Although a simple water pressure issue may seem small, the indication of low water pressure can actually mean a wide variety of issues. Any indication of low water pressure should be dealt with as soon as possible in order to prevent larger issues down the road. Even if it’s as simple as replacing an old shower head to improve your water pressure it’s never Not a good idea to jump on the issue.

The garbage disposal can handle anything:

FALSE! Some may feel confident enough to throw anything and everything down their garbage disposal; however, it should be known that there are certain foods that can cause major damage. Any type of grease, thickening oil, or food items with a peel or outside shell should not be placed down the garbage disposal. These items are known for clogging drains which will not aid in prolonging the life of your plumbing. Always be cautious with what goes down your garbage disposal as it could create larger issues.

Soap & water is okay to use on plumbing parts:

FALSE! Regular soap and water can be the simplest form of cleaning in many other areas of your home Except for any type of plumbing. It turns out, regular soap can actually cause peeling or corroding of pipes. For this very reason there are special cleaners created specifically for plumbing cleaning. Never try to take the short cut or “cheaper route” when it comes to plumbing cleaners!

Lemons can clean a garbage disposal:

FALSE! While lemons can make things smell better, they do not aid in cleaning your disposal. In fact, the citric acid from lemons has the ability to corrode the metal inside. An effective and inexpensive method to clean it is by tossing a few ice cubes into the disposal and letting it run. It’s guaranteed to be loud, but it’ll do the job!

Scheduling a professional plumber isn’t needed:

FALSE! Although small issues may become DIY projects, there are many plumbing jobs which will require a professional. Plumbing fixtures and systems can be very complex with one minor mistake creating a huge problem. Instead of tackling plumbing issues on your own, always call a trusted plumber for help!

Now that some of your misconceptions have been cleared up, you have the authority to debunk anyone else that believes these myths are true! You should now be able to avoid possible future issues pertaining to your plumbing!

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