Pros & Cons of Different Types of Filters

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Although the act of replacing your filter is a simple ‘pull out the old and insert the new’ procedure, shopping for a filter can be overwhelming. When shopping for a filter you’ll notice there are numerous types available. While there are many types to shop through, the different styles can usually be categorized into three categories. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each of the three categories to better assist you in making the right purchase for your next filter change:

  1. Basic Air Filters:  This is the most common type of filter that everyone is usually familiar with. These filters are categorized basic for a reason since they offer only the bare minimum filtration.  Basic Air Filters are commonly used for those interested in filtration to prevent damage to their system rather than for an improvement to their indoor air quality.
    1. Pros: cheap, purchase availability & easy to replace
    2. Cons: does not improve indoor air quality & frequently needs changed (recommended once a month)
  2. Air Filter Frames with Replaceable Pads: This category is a step above the Basic Air Filters.  This type of filter usually consists of a metal frame which requires certain replacement pads.  When comparing this type of filter to Basic Air Filters, the biggest difference is that these filters are found to be less expensive to replace.
    1. Pros: cheap, easy to replace & can trap finer particles
    2. Cons: frequently needs changed (recommended every 2 months) & does not trap all air particles
  3. Pleated Air Filters: If you want the most quality for your air filter, this is the category you should shop in.  These types of filters have more surface area than the other types of filters which prolongs its life and allows it to capture more air particles.  The width of this type of filter determines how efficiently pollutants are trapped.
    1. Pros: captures the most air particles & available in a wide variety of sizes
    2. Cons: more expensive

Hopefully this blog will help you feel more confident to make your next filter purchase! For more information on different types of filters and which is best for your system check out our website here or give us a call.  We offer IAQ Analysis too!