‘Put on hold!’ 2013 Federal Efficiency Regulations

It looks as if there is a hold on the 2013 Federal Efficiency Regulations. This could mean some additional time to have a new furnace put in before new efficiency rules come back into play.

The main debacle with this issue is that the new systems required different ventilation systems than previous units. The 90% AFUE units as we discussed a few weeks prior produce water vapor, which will rust existing steel units. This adds hundreds if not thousands of dollars onto your installation costs. The other factor is that the units are different sizes than many of the previous models. This can lead to additional charges for having to create space for the new unit to fit.

The benefit of these units is a reduction in waste. The new units will convert a larger percentage of energy into heat for your home. Keeping a warm home is essential for avoiding thermostat fights and needing 12 blankets to watch a movie. Not that blankets aren’t a great way to keep warm, but there are more efficient ways.

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