Repair vs. Replace: Furnace Edition

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 Your heating and cooling system is one of the most important investments within your home. For this very reason it’s important to know all you can about maintenance, repair and replacements.  Many times homeowners face a gray area determining whether it’s best to repair the problem or completely replace the furnace.  In order to justify your decision we have gathered a list of possible scenarios to keep in mind:

Ask yourself:

  1. Is your furnace old?: if your furnace is 12 years or newer it’s probably a good idea to check into repairs first; however, if your furnace is older than 16 years old it’s probably a good time to look into replacement. Knowing the age of your furnace is definitely something important to know in these situations!
  2. Are your energy bills going up?: if you have noticed your energy bills recently higher than normal it might be a good time to make the move to replace. A higher energy bill usually means your system is not running as efficiently as it was back in its prime. Now days there are furnaces built to be energy efficient which will save you money in the long run.
  3. Is your family uncomfortable?: if your family is constantly having to fiddle with the thermostat to match their desired temperature it’s probably a good time to replace. When you are finding it difficult to keep your family comfortable it could be because your furnace is failing and having a tough time keeping up.
  4. Have you had repairs done in the past 2 years?: if you have contacted your local and trusted HVAC company within the past 2 years for a repair and you are thinking there is another issue we would recommend looking into the replacement option. Often times if you are making repairs within a shorter amount of time, bills can continue to add up! Rather than adding more money into repairs it might be a good idea to skip the repair charges and invest in a brand new system.
  5. Are you hearing strange noises?: often times furnaces may startle you with an odd random sound. Although this may be alarming it is usually not a huge concern for a furnace to make a sound. The moment these sounds do become a concern is when they become more consistent and increase volume. When these strange sounds begin startling you it’s time to contact your local and trusted HVAC company to talk about replacing it.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to the 5 questions asked above it’s most likely a good idea to consider making the investment to replace your furnace. If you are thinking it’s time to replace, but aren’t confident with the decision to make such a large purchase-contact us! We offer financing for everyone! “If Comfort Is Your Plan, Call The BEL-O MAN!” Visit our website here or call us at (618) 509-9995. Recent Reviews & Testimonials