Signs of a Failing Furnace!


Yes, we’ve been experiencing some very warm days lately, BUT it looks like the cool weather is here to stay! With cool weather we’ll all be clicking our furnaces on and shutting those windows.  In most cases you’ll experience a smooth transition from cooling to heating; however, there are some situations where an issue may arise.  Being able to detect whether the issue at hand is a minor problem or if it is a sign of a failing furnace can help tremendously! By knowing the most common furnace problems you can prevent stress by being sure your furnace isn’t on its last leg.  Common issues that indicate your furnace is not at 100% include:

Lack of maintenance: by not scheduling bi-annual maintenance on your HVAC system you are running the risk of problems to come down the road. Keeping up with the maintenance will keep your unit running more efficiently, help it avoid continuous repairs to be replaced, and prolong its lifespan!
Dirty filters: allowing your filter to remain dirty and clogged can cause issues to your limit switch which will disrupt the fan.  Always be sure to change your filter 1-3months depending on your specific system.
Normal wear & tear: as your system gets older it’s normal for wear and tear to present itself.  One wear and tear issue you may begin to notice and feel is unbalanced airflow.
Too much noise: There are a few noises that can be heard once and ignored; however, there are also noises which can be repeatedly heard and indicate large issues are present.  Once you hear a noise that alarms you it’s a good idea to call your local and trusted HVAC professional to check it out!
Ignition problems: lastly an indicator that your furnace is not at 100% is that there is a problem with the pilot light or ignition switch.  An issue with either of these can make it extremely difficult to heat your home!

An indicator of any of the issues mentioned above are signs that your furnace is not operating at 100% and should be checked out by a professional. BELOMAN has been servicing the Metro East for 60 years.  Make your home a #BELOMANhome today.  We offer heating, cooling, plumbing, indoor air quality, home energy efficiency and pest solution services to make your family’s home more comfortable.  Check out our website here or give us a call at (618) BEL-OMAN!