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Plan for Plumbing Emergencies NOW!

When an emergency strikes it’s human nature to panic and stress out; however, it’s much better to remain calm in order to remember what to do in that specific situation. When it comes to your plumbing things can get messy pretty fast! To avoid out of control mayhem it’s a great idea to know what to do in several common plumbing issue situations.  For each of the below situations the first step is always REMAIN CALM! Help! My toilet is clogged and overflowing! Step 1: Grab the plunger! Check out our recent blog for the proper plunging technique. Step 2:
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Wasting Money and Water Can Be a Pain in the Drain!

Leaky pipe? Dripping faucet? These are just two of the most common small plumbing repairs that often go unrepaired for too long. Many people think these are small fixes that could fix themselves or not lead to a bigger repair; however, we’re here to tell you that putting off plumbing repairs can actually cost you more in the long run! Dripping Faucet?? The number of houses currently with a constant dripping faucet is actually more than you think! Many homes in America think a few drips here and there aren’t that big of a deal. HOWEVER! Did you know a
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