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Benefits of a: Maintenance Plan

So it’s that time of year again when you start hearing of your neighbors, friends and family scheduling their seasonal maintenance/tune-up on their HVAC system, but YOU have a few questions about it. You may ask: What does it involve? Is it right for me? What are the benefits? We’re here to help you feel more confident by answering some of the FAQ when it comes to HVAC maintenance plans. Why? Did you know HVAC units can last 12-15 years (or even longer) with proper routine maintenance? It’s true!  This is a huge component to the importance of signing up
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How To: Test Your Water Pressure

When it comes to the water pressure in your home there is a fine line between too much pressure and too little. On one hand it is important to have enough pressure for comfortable showers or to fill your pots and pans up in a timely manner while on the other hand too much pressure can cause stress on your pipes and plumbing fixtures.  To avoid having too much or too little pressure there are three simple ways to figure out the current water pressure at your home: Purchase pressure gauge: for this method, simply visit your local hardware store
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