Take the Plunge!

B.58 Take the Plunge

Do you go into sudden panic mode and start waving the white flag due to a clogged toilet or drain? While it may feel like an instant emergency and some clogs do require a professional to clear, others are minor enough to clear yourself with a good ol’ plunger.  Although plungers are pretty straight forward there is actually some technique you can apply for the best results! The next time you need to utilize that odd shaped rubber thing on a stick keep these tips in mind to for the best results.

  1. Choose your weapon: believe it or not plungers come in different styles and sizes. It’s best to choose a plunger with the cup’s diameter slightly larger than the drain opening. When visiting your local hardware store you will find that there are two main types of plungers: a standard and a flange. Standard plungers have a standard cup shape similar to a half sphere while flange plungers have an extension for easier access to plunge toilets.
  2. Watch that water level: no matter what your plumbing situation, the level of the water present is important to keep in mind. It’s important to have the proper amount of water in order for your plunger to get the best seal. A good rule of thumb is to have enough water present to fully cover the plunger cup.
  3. Maximum pressure: in order to gain the best results make sure to have maximum pressure at the plunger site. For example: if you are working on your toilet you can put stoppers in your sink and bathtub drains to maximize the pressure.
  4. Use proper sealing technique: to allow your plunger to have the best grip you can apply petroleum jelly to the rim, make sure the edge of the plunger is making contact all the way around and point the handle straight up.
  5. Plunge Away: once you have followed the tips above it’s time to take the plunge! Start plunging up and down at 30 second intervals. If you’re still not coming into contact with the clog you may need to put the good ol’ plunger down, give your hands a wash and pick up the phone to call your local and trusted plumbing professional!

Hopefully after reading the tips above and learning the proper techniques you’ll have no problem clearing your clog! As always if you need any help we’re just a call away.